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Nomad USB  has years of experience in providing customized flash drives and accessories.

USB Drive can be a very efficient advertising tool and we understand that our customers are not looking only on a basic Drive, but also and over all additional features.

We have compiled some of our best and most popular services on this page to help you to optimize your custom flash drive campaign. Browse our offerings, or contact a sales representative and tell us your request, our team will find the solution!

Data Preload on USB Drive

If your custom USB drives require preloaded content, we will handle this task with ease. Even if you have very specific instructions for your USB data contents, our highly skilled team will match them.

Permanent Upload on USB Drive

When you need the USB files impossible to erase, we will create a second partition on the USB drive that is undeletable, with the remaining space on the first partition left open like normal for flash drive storage. It is a great option when you want to prevent accidental deletion or manipulation of the files on the flash drive, but also leave any remaining USB storage available as a convenience to the client.

Autorun on USB drive

It can open a flash, document, video or your web site will open, etc., automatically as soon as the flash drive is inserted.

Unique Drive Icon on USB drive

It is easy for us to turn your logo into a drive icon that will display when the USB flash drive is inserted into the machine. Use this along with auto-run for a more presentable auto-run window with custom icon on your flash drives.

USB Drive Partitions

Your USB drives can be digitally split into two partitions that show up as separate drive icons in your file explorer. Tell us what type of USB customization you need in formatting your custom USB drives and we will deliver exactly what you are looking for.

Password Protected Data Encryption on USB drive

Our password protection feature will prevent unwanted spying and theft of the most essential digital files on your custom USB drives. Our flash drives are all able to handle this encryption which adheres to the best available standard of USB security.

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