Nomad USB Quality

All our USB sticks have 2.0 technology, we can also provide USB 3.0 for high speed   requirements. USB version 2.0 allows you to track the transfer rate between your computer and your USB stick.

Nomad USB offers USB sticks with various storage formats. The smallest format is 128MB and the largest is 64GB. The available storage capacities are noted in the product description.

Nomad USB assembles Nand Flash drives from Samsung, Toshiba, Hynix, Micron original series. We do not use rebranded or downgrade components. Data guarantee transfer rate for Read is at least 8MB/s to 15MB/s, for Write is 2MB/s to 8MB/s, however we can select specific Flash if you request accurate data speed.

All our Nand Flash are tested Two times:  At time of delivery from our Flash suppliers and after assembling.

Nomad USB selects the best casings from strictly selected casings suppliers.

We provide 12 months warranty as from the date of delivery. (The warranty does not include human fault or improper use).

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