From what is said, Time is Money… Also, who wants to spend more time making backups instead of going to a nice lunch or going back home after work? (Please, raise your hands!)

With the USB 3.0, you will be able to download your data five to ten times faster than any other standard peripheries (3.2 gbps/sec), just enough time to pack; stop at a friend’s place, get the pictures of your last barbecue (or whatever you’ve been doing), a couple of movies with only pulling your drive in & out and mostly without compressing them in a couple of minutes and … head to your place. Yes, that fast and that easy!

USB 3.0 also gives you the opportunity to shoot full-speed data in both directions at the same time, another step compare to the 2.0 category (only one direction). So in real life, what does it mean? You can plug in a 1.0 or 2.0 USB drive. You will be able to get the barbecue pictures from your friend and download your movies on his computer simultaneously.

Another very useful feature that could change the face of the connectivity devices’world is that USB 3.0 could get rid of all the jacks included in the computers (DisplayPort, FireWire, DVI). Basically, your computer would keep the Ethernet cable and have several USB 3.0 ports; directly exchanging data with various hard drives.

Of course, the main factories are located in China. Unlike the song, it’s not always a wonderful world so beware of too good opportunities & fake USB drives.

Convinced yet? If not, let’s talk about the popularity of USB 3.0 in mobile phones and other electrical items… in a later post!

Stay tuned folks!

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