Plug and Play

When you connect the U-disk to your Smartphone, you can transfer your Data, Play music and video, Exchange File… No need to install any software.

It can work with Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy SI/II/III, Motorola XOOM, TG01, Nokia N8, E7… and other Cell Phones and Tablets which support OTG Function.

It also works as a normal Flash Disk, you can use this device when connected to a PC and a Notebook.

Why use the Smartphone U-disk :

1. Because in your daily life, there’s always a moment to capture, a new invitation, email to save, a new music you just heard and want to download and that you want to keep & renew at the same time. When the phone memory card capacity is insufficient, with the Smartphone U-disk, no need to install any software, you can solve your problem immediately and transfer all your data on your computer.

2. Because as a professional user, you always have data to share with your partners, clients, colleagues, the Smartphone U-disk can be used as a sharing data & storage device.

How do you use the Smartphone U-disk :

After you plug it to your mobile phone, USB disk directory pops up, select the usb disk file: you can delete rename move copy and any other standard operations, such as moving files to mobile phone card / mnt / sdcard / DCIM directory.

You select the document, you choose the operation on the top right corner, and that’s as easy as that!


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Now that’s done!

Stay tuned folks!

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