Thanks to the power of the Fluffy Unicorn, USB 3.0 is arriving on your smartphone and tablet!

Super Speed USB provides faster performances with lower power consumption for your mobile devices.

USB 3.0 allows fast data transfer – 100Mb/sec or around 800mbps/sec. What you would do in 15 minutes with the USB 2.0, you will do it in 2 minutes with your new toy!

So, I know what you’re going to say “it’s much slower than on a computer”. True, the data transfer on a computer can reach 5Gbps/sec… But come on, the so called Geek world wasn’t made in one day (Yeah, you know what I’m talking about!) and mostly the tablets get the same speed as your PC.

Another benefit is that the USB 3.0 recharges your devices much faster than your standard charger. Quite useful mostly when you use it for the web, video, graphic processing and games (I’m telling you growing tomatoes and baking blueberry muffins on my farm game is killing my battery…).

Sadly, there is always one downside and here it is: The consumption of such fast data transfer requires a lot of power, limiting the autonomy of your already greedy mobile phone. Hopefully, some rework will be done soon.

You got it, with the arrival of USB 3.0 on smartphones & tablets, there will be a positive impact on the electrical devices ecosystem supporting it – PCs, digital storage, TVs, Video Cameras etc. as it gives the product makers more options for integrating features. The only question is: Are they ready to develop new product supporting Super Speed USB?

That’s it? No, that’s not it: What are the next incoming developments?

The USB organization is working on the size of the port 3.0, obviously following the trend of miniaturization.

On the long run, for 2014, you should be able to download even faster: 10Gbps/sec on your computer so you can expect an improvement on mobile phone as well.

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Stay tuned folks!

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