Why? Why not would be the real question!

At Nomad, we are always trying to add new  “standard” items to our catalogue.

Spring is coming and then summer and as usual, all magazines, ads online, TV shows, your other half, EVERY ONE is talking about getting healthy, getting in shape for the bikini/show your six pack challenge. Well, NOMAD WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN! No, no, no Sir and Madam, we are not that kind of person & we like facing challenge!

We added a full range of fruit and Vegetables USB Drive, it almost feels like you are at your little market down the street on a shiny Sunday morning!

And now, because we also like to learn different stuff, here comes my favorite game the “Did you know about” our favorite fruits and veggies :

  • Banana USB Drive : The phrase “Going Bananas” was 1st recorded in the Oxford English Dictionary and is linked to the fruit’s “comic” connection with monkeys. Also, eating a banana can cheer you up as it is the only fruit that contains the amino acid, tryptophan plus Vitamin B6, which together help your body produce serotonin.
  • Carrot USB Drive : China produces 274,900,000 tons of carrots per year (My aim is to produce the same with USB keys, Help me reach that goal!). Holtville, California dubs itself “The Carrot Capital of the World.” with an Annual Festival.
  • Cherry USB Drive : The word “cherry” comes from the Turkish town of Cerasus. Cherries belong to the rose family. The German word Kirsch – the cherry liqueur comes from the word karshu. Name given to the cherries that were first cultivated in Mesopotamia in 8 BC.
  • Chili USB Drive : Chilies are one of the most intense taste sensations we can enjoy: when capsaicin, the primary substance found in chilies, is ingested, the sensory nerves of the mouth and throat send a message to the brain, and heart rate and sweating automatically increase, along with our level of endorphins.
  • Cucumber USB Drive : Tired of your bathroom mirror fogging up after a shower? Try rubbing a cucumber slice along the mirror, it will eliminate the fog and provide a soothing, spa-like fragrance.
  • Eggplant USB Drive : In Renaissance Italy, it was called a mala insana or “crazy apple” & Japan has a proverb about eggplant: “The happiest omen for a New Year is first Mount Fuji, then the falcon, and lastly eggplant.”… OK, if you say so…
  • Leek USB Drive : The Welsh are HUGE fans of the leek; In fact (along with the daffodil) they named it their National Emblem!
  • Lemon USB Drive : The Lemon Festival in Mentone, France, takes place in the spring. It’s been celebrating the yellow citrus fruit, so commonly found in the French Riviera, for close to a century.
  • Corn USB Drive : Compared to most snack foods, popcorn is low in calories. Air-popped popcorn has only 31 calories per cup. Oil-popped is only 55 per cup.
  • Mango USB Drive : Mangos are distantly related to a few plants that you”d probably never guess: the cashew and pistachio.
  • Mushroom USB Drive : They contain vitamin D and are the only fruit or vegetable source of this critical vitamin. Like humans, mushrooms produce vitamin D… when in sunshine! Don’t blame it on the moonlight…
  • Orange USB Drive : The first Orange tree”s in America were planted in Florida in 1513 by Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon. Florida is now the second largest producer in the world. The orange blossom is the state flower of Florida.
  • Watermelon USB Drive : In Israel and Egypt, the sweet taste of watermelon is often paired with the salty taste of feta cheese. YAMMI!
  • Pineapple USB Drive : Did you know that you can grow a pineapple plant by twisting the crown off a store bought pineapple, allowing it to dry for 2-3 days, and then planting it?
  • Pepper USB Drive : Did you know that by weight, a sweet red bell pepper contains three times mobile casino as much vitamin C as a citrus fruit such as an orange?
  • Strawberry USB Drive : Fragrant juice of fresh strawberries – the best lotion! This is a miracle cure to remove age spots and freckles.

One last tip to get ready for the summer : Head to the swimming online casinos pool with one of the best multivitamin drink (this advice is totally subjective, the writer will not be sued  for any inconvenience caused)! Cheers!


Of course, if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for on display, we surely have it in stock, can source it in China for you or we can create it on demand, just send us a picture or describe what you want right there!

Stay tuned folks!

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