A promotional item is an object which usually includes the name and logo of the brand and is offered to customers and / or prospects.

  • The three functions of a promotional item:

o Pleasing the customer which it is offered to.

o Benefit from repeated exposure to this customer.

o Benefit from possible visibility to other individuals exposed to the object.

The promotional products can be a tool for retention or promotion. If the goal is visibility, the object will be of little value and will result in many opportunities to be seen (calendar, notepad, etc). If the goal is retention, the value will be adapted to the customer value.

  • The four styles of promotional items:

o The simple promotional item: available at no obligation as an advertising message shown on a useful tool.

o The premium and the gadget offered on specific conditions to give an accurate result.

o Reward: Congratulations plate, pin with years of service, memorial trophy, jewelry or personal belongings in order to

highlight some important results or honors.

o The corporate gift: offered to customers, the staff of a company and sometimes its key partners and suppliers.

  • The promotional item: A real marketing strategy asset

The promotional item is a must for marketing & communications of a company. As budgets for “classic” advertising such as TV, Radio & Paper decrease, advertising object as a communication media has positioned itself as the ultra-low-cost effective mean to marking minds. The promotional item is the perfect gift for wide promotional operations providing a modern image of the company. The promotional product actually increases brand recognition, brand image, reputation. The three main reasons why people keep their promotional products are the use, the souvenir of a moment, the value of the item.

If you want to create a strong connection between your brand and your customers, customer loyalty, motivate in-house, advertising object turns out to be the most effective media.

In the next post, we will present a survey on promotional items which shows the main figures of this market.

Stay tuned folks!

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