• What is a USB key?

A USB flash drive is a removable storage device that plugs into the Universal Serial Bus, a computer, or, more recently, some Hi-Fi, DVD players, radios, televisions, etc.. A USB drive contains flash memory and thus has no mechanical element, which makes it very resistant to shocks.

The USB drive can easily store files from any system with USB ports. It allows you to transfer data between computer and gives the possibility to easily get an electronic copy of a document.

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  • Can the data on my USB key be deleted?

Yes and no.

YES: USB drives are designed so that you can save and delete the digital data as many times as you wish.

NO: When you order a USB key, sometimes you want to integrate data to distribute to the end users. Sometimes, you even want these data not to be erased. In this case, we will use the equivalent of two memories (a key double score): a hidden memory that will store these famous non-erasable data and a conventional memory to use for your other digital data.

  • Can I use my USB Drive on every PC?

USB drives can be used without problems on any PC with a USB port. And today, you can even use a U-disk for your smartphone.

  • What is the strength of a USB key?

Our USB products are designed in the strongest materials available on the market. They are made in order to obtain the most durable USB products, more resistant to moisture and shocks, available on the market. Your data are extremely well protected against shocks that might occur during transport.

  • What types of printing do I use for my logo on my Custom USB Drives?

Each material has its own special type of printing :

The wood and metal are more suited to engraving. The plastic will be used in priority with color printing or doming. The leather is very nice with debossing or embossing. If you create a mold for a customized key, the better will be a molded logo.

After, it is absolutely possible to make different printing on different media types. For more information and a full listing of USB printing options, it”s here.

  • Can I make a custom personal USB key?


It is possible to create custom keys with your logo on one side  and have another level of additional customization of each key on the other side, with the name of the person, an email address , serial number etc..

One technical point, however, to limit the cost of production (color printing require a layer for each key, a customized key in soft plastic would require a mould per name etc.. You can imagine), this customization can be done only with engraving. We must therefore choose carefully the casing of the key : metal is the ideal one or wood. If you want a key plastic or soft PVC USB Drive, we can make the individual customization on a metal box containing the key of your choice.

  • What is the lifetime of a USB key?

The lifetime of the key itself is not specified. Manufacturers announce a data retention for at least ten years. Computerworld magazine is more reserved in drawing attention to the existing gaps between the various models in his article Not all USB drives are created equal. The conclusion is that the insulation quality define the lifetime.

The causes of failure and loss of data can be listed as below:

  1. the conservation of limited data, due to the flash memory;
  2. a breakdown of the key, like any other material;
  3. A software problem in the operating system;
  4. a software error handling by the user;
  5. A hardware error handling: although more resistant than other storage media, it is not indestructible.
  • What is the performance of a USB key?

Performance depends on the design of the model that includes the choice of components, architecture and memory controller. Techniques such as amplification affect write performance. They may vary depending on the operating system or the hardware on which it is used.

The data rate varies in reading, writing and depends on the number of copied files and content organization and key. You can have speeds of a few MB / s to several tens of Mb / s, which may fall in the case of transfer of a large number of small files.

If the use is simple, speed reading and writing respectively comprised between 12-16MB / S and 3-8MB / S is sufficient. If the end use is for installing software, for example, it will be better to get around 20MB / S 10MB / S.

  • What is the quality of the USB key?

Flash memory is the component at the heart of the key. The memory may be of different quality, with a wide range of speed reading and writing, as well as qualities of the various data retention. We use memory grade A for all our products. Unfortunately, it is very common on the part of suppliers, acting as intermediaries, not to be aware that they offer products containing memory “re-formatted” Poor quality, unfit for use for a USB key. These memories are very low quality, cheap and unscrupulous producers may be tempted to use them.

For more information, you can go read the post about the quality of the submissions here.

  • Why do the prices of USB fluctuate so much?

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