Goodies, there are all kinds, for all occasions, practical, fun, original …

This week, we wanted to present you 3 products. In addition to being practical, they provide a maximum surface expression since you can print on the entire area.

They are functional; they are used in your everyday life.

They are convenient; you can carry them around in your bag and even in your wallet as they are the size of a credit card.

Now it is possible: You can communicate with much efficiency on small goodies!



Small, simple & effective in the office or on the move.

Nano wireless mouse is to take everywhere. Because of its size, it can be used on any surface:  it’s handy on your desk, of course, but also on the tablet in the train or the plane!

The rechargeable battery provides autonomy and the nano receiver is integrated within the mouse.

You can customize the design on its entire surface.

Product specification  

Dimension: 68 * 45 * 11mm – Weight: 60g

Material: Plastic

Logo: Full Color

Ambidextrous design

Resolution to 1200 dpi

Nano USB receiver

Compatible with Mac & PC

Powered by a rechargeable battery – provided



Our best-seller! USB key advertised as credit card or business card. Marking your logo on the USB key can be made on both sides and on the full surface. Extra slim, it fits in a wallet or in a pocket!

Product specification

Dimension: 85 * 54 * 1mm

Material: ABS Plastic

Logo: Full Color

Capacity:  From 128MB to 32GB



A Nomad energy source, rechargeable and universal, an advertising gift that will be remembered!

Power Bank: The useful gift that everyone wants. This external battery can charge all mobile devices, even without an electrical outlet on hand! The Power Bank stores the energy required and restores wherever and whenever you want.

The little plus of Power Bank Wallet? With its 7mm thick, it fits anywhere and provides a large area of communication. It comes with a micro USB connector but may be accompanied by an adapter for iPhone 4 & iPhone 5!

* For details on power bank, click here & here

Product specification

Dimension: 85 * 56 * 7mm – Weight: 80g

Material: ABS Plastic

Available colors: casino White, Blue, Orange, Pink

Logo: Full Color

Connector: Micro USB (Samsung) – Possibility  to add extensions for IPhone 4 & 5

Capacity: From 1400 to 2000mAh

Input / Output: 5V 800mA

Rechargeable :> 500 times

For more info, feel free to contact us HERE!

Stay tuned folks!

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